The Style Council


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It was a review on Mark Raisons monkey picks blog, that set me thinking about the style council, a review for a recent release of all the bands album output repackaged on cd as a box set. I had seen the release and  thought about buying it. But I hate buying stuff again. I had and love most of those albums and I always like to buy something new. Bizarrely my parents moved house within a month of the above incident which meant a stack of records, books and magazines had to leave the safe haven of their (ex) spacious loft and somehow be crammed in to my office. At least i got the chance to dig into those original records on 7 and 12″ vinyl. I was actually surprised by how much i still liked them (even more surprised that i pretty much still knew every lyric yet struggle to remember what someone told me 3 days ago). Age dictated that I didnt become  obsessesed with The Jam until the release of Going Underground. But from that point on obsession was the word. I spent the following years  spending any pocket money and my meagre wages from delivering free local papers on collecting, all the bands albums so far and then slowly the singles. I was helped in the singles collecting buy the fact that than in late 82 Weller announced that the band were splitting up and polydor set about re-releasing the bands 45 rpm output. I was upset by The Jams demise but delighted by everything about The Style Council from day one. I am often surprised by the level of hatred some people seem to maintain for the band, the albums were in the main good, they put together a cracking run of singles (singles were always Wellers forte) and clothes wise they were always bang on.

There’s more on The Style Council in issue 2 of the subbaculture zine – available here