Italian Terrace Style Zines

subbaculture_italian terrace zines

A couple of current zines out of Italy, both A5, laser printed, both obsessing over the latest terrace fashions and other street style scenes.

Mauro’s ‘Our Game’ is subtitled ‘ a terrace and street culture fanzine’ and is currently 10 issues strong. ‘Profilo Basso’ (which google translate suggests means ‘low profile’ – and for once its a translation that does make sense) is about to launch issue 20 and is run by Demis, a man who scores extra points from subbaculture for sporting wallabees on the cover of his latest issue. Whilst both zines look to feature stuff on a range of sub cult scenes they concentrate on a modern day, terrace inspired approach to dressing and the type of covetable clobber places like Oi Polloi specialise in.

Both zines have plenty of copy, written in Italian (why wouldn’t they be?) which means i can’t read a word of them but i always look forward to receiving them and adding them to the subbaculture archives. I’ve been trading zines with Demis and Mauro over the last year – its just great to see zines being published by clearly passionate people and seeing them prosper past a couple of issues – it’s also great to simply trade international emails about the beauty of Clarks shoes.

If you can read Italian they are both well worth checking out – if you can’t, for the football and fashion minded both Facebook pages are at least worth a peek.

Check out Our Game here

Dig into Profilo Basso here