Disguises – Issue 4




I’ve been listening to The Jam (across all their albums) over that last week or so for the first time in years. I’ll often grab a cd to throw in the car (purists need not panic, I still have all my original vinyl, I’m just one of those people that have picked up CDs over the years to…well, throw in the car and sing along to on the way to work, I know I am not alone amongst 40+ year olds on this). I’m joyfully ¬†surprised how well their stuff stands up, last few days, for a couple of reasons, though I’ve been digging out albums and 45s to properly investigate and remember. Great band. One that genuinely reached to progress as far as they could. I like that about them.

As a kick up the arse for me to get things moving on the next subbaculture zine issue 4 of Disguises, a current jam fanzine, arrived today and it too continues to progress. The latest issue is the best yet with a mix of features on the jam literary mod event, the bands final TV performance on the first edition of The Tube and a tribute to one time jam security crew member Joe Awome. Alongside these are pieces on the continuing story of mod and interviews with artist Persi Darukhanawala and New Untouchables online contributor Claire Mahoney. It makes for a good mix, good stuff specifically on the band alongside well chosen features that seek to expand interest in other relevant stuff.

Its good to see a zine progressing and expanding its horizons…more info here