New Edwardians and drapes and teddy boys and girls and brylcream and flick knives and rock n roll and rockers and motorbikes and leather jackets and winkle pickers and modern jazz and the Ivy League look and modernists and existentialism and stylists and mods and continental tailoring and three button suits and soul music and scooters and parkas  and foppish dandys and hippies and skinheads and ben shermans and boots and reggae and ska and suedeheads and brogues and crombies and smooths and northerm soul and oxford bags and holdalls and rare 45’s and drugs and football and terrace boot boys and flares and glam rock  and new york and alien arty pop and punk rockers and year zero and safety pins and fanzines and diy and revivalist shenanigans rockabillys and mod revivalists and desert boots and boating blazers and 2 tone and rudeboys and loafers and tonik suits and jazz funk and new romantics and terrace dressers and aggro dandy’s and branded sportswear and indie kids and anoraks and fuzzboxes and goths and black and purple and hip hop and graffiti and rap and ravers and glowsticks and acid house.

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