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Sixties obsessives  amongst you must be aware of Shindig magazine.

With its roots in fanzine and self financed publishing culture it’s a mag that over the years has grown into a full colour world of wonder with each new issue, representing everything that’s good and great about independent publishing.

The hard work and physical representation of two guys, Jon and Andy, the magazine offered up with each issue in depth articles on sixties garage, psychedelia, acid folk and much more counter cultural good stuff. More a labour of love produced by record and story collecting obsessives than any kind of ‘business’ thing. A magazine run by people that genuinely cared about what they were putting out and that stayed true to its only promise – delivering great, quality in depth articles on the long forgotten, the barely recognised in their time and the wilfully obscure. All this powered on obsession and dedication for the sounds, things and artists they cared about.

More importantly Shindig continued to exist through a period when few people were interested in this kind of thing, yet they didn’t stop. It’s this level of commitment that is integral to ‘small’ cultural scenes and music genres continuing to exist and grow, for their to be magazines, record labels, fanzines and websites full of great stuff to intrigue, educate and excite newcomers and ensure the continuation of these weird and wonderful opposites to the mainstream.

The news of recent weeks, that the magazine has been hijacked, stolen from them by a inscrutable publishing house is disturbing for fans of the mag but must be utterly painful for Jon and Andy. Imagine dedicating all that heart, soul, time, money and effort in to something you believe in so strongly only to have it diverted, ripped off by people you thought believed in the same things, shared a common goal. Not so it would seem.

The ‘magazine’ created by, pored over and fought for by the Shindig team has been taken and rebranded. I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some people think they can ‘take’ something and run with it. That they miss the point, fail to recognise the heart and soul of something, the reason why something works suggests their idiots who think they have obtained something they can simply take over, role out and make money off. The place in the world, the position the original Shindig magazine created for itself was fuelled by a genuine enthusiasm, a heartfelt delight and wonder for its subject matter and the accompanying rare urge to spread the word and enagage in conversation with its readership is something that can’t be bought off the shelf, we’ll see how the new title fares though it’s difficult to see how something will survive with its heart ripped out.

By all accounts the Shindig team are dreaming up new plans to relaunch their mag, the next chapter in Shindigs survival and rebirth is sure to be worth keeping an eye on and supporting.

If you currently google shindig magazine you get the new shyster mag (kaleidoscope) Info on the genuine Shindig is here

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