Skinhead Archive at the Ditto Gallery, London

subbaculture_skinhead exhibition1

Interesting looking exhibition currently on at Londons Ditto Gallery that look s to investigate visually that most maligned and misunderstood of all British Street Styles. From its inception, morphing out of the street mod scene of the late sixties to the subsequent pared down, politically ravaged revival of the eighties to the adoption of the look by certain quarters of the gay community it can be a confusing conundrum. Its unlikely i’ll make it down to the smoke for this event but if anyone does get in touch with your thoughts – be good to hear how this exhibition deals with the contrary versions of skinhead from across the years.

subbaculture_skinhead exhibition 2

In addition to the exhibition Ditto Press are also unleashing possibly the most luxurious looking book on the cult i’ve seen thus far. Featuring I’m guessing the images currently on display in the gallery. It looks to be far cry from the usual skinhead book affair, designed by Jamie Reid and featuring a multitude of images on the various cultural arenas skinhead style has emerged alongside text form the likes of Garry Bushell. A limited edition artbook on a cult that traditionally has been perennially misrepresented and misunderstood. More info and intrigue here

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