Kevin Pearce – A Moment Worth Waiting For

subbaculture_YR HEART   Out now in digital format for the price of a modern day, city centre pint is the latest instalment in Kevin Pearce’s ‘Yr Heart Out’ series called A Moment Worth Waiting For. It’s another glorious mind map of forgotten sounds and styles that continually side steps traditional ideas of writing about music and in the usual Yr Heart Out style zig zags across records, scenes and artists honing in on and making connections you are sure to have either missed or more likely never dreamt of. More info on this and the previous issues here Treat yourself and support yr heart here.

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  1. A.M.Leka says:

    Great book by Mr. Pearce, would be nice o have a hard copy. Fantastic site BTW as fantastic source for research on British post war subcultures.

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