BOY London

Launched in London in 1977 by Stephane Raynor BOY London sought to merge the retro pop culture aesthetic of Raynors previous outlet, Acme ATtractions with the subversive style edge Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm mcClarens had been fine tuning via the various incarnations of their shop at 430 Kings Road.

Subcultural subversion and shock graphic symbolism became the mainstay of the stores initial collections. Initially trading to the developing punk and skinhead scene they continued forward appealing to a multitude of outsider style freaks into the eighties when the brand went overground and   global via connections with Madonna, Boy George and The Pet Shop Boys. The following pages look to be from the early eighties, punk edges meshing with bold, day street wear that, looking back at now seems to hint at the lurid day glo look that would come to epitomise the London club scene and acid house a few years later.


boy2_subbaculture2 boy3_subbaculture2

boy6_subbaculture2 boy5_subbaculture2 boy4_subbaculture2

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