Danny Lyon

A new one on me  – self taught, US  photographer Danny Lyon began shooting documentary style photographs in the early sixties. His first published images from 1963 appeared in a book called The Movement that documented the Southern American Civil rights movement and immediately after this release he started working on his own collections of images.

His first, self published work was The Bikeriders, released in 1967. For this series of images Lyon immersed himself in the underground scene of US bike gangs, and mirroring the tactics of the new journalism of the time (the most obvious connection in MO here is Hunter S Thompsons fantastic book on Hells Angels). Like Thompson, Lyon joined a motorcycle gang, the Chicago Outlaws, gaining him access to shoot and create a collection of images of a world previously unseen.

Lyon continued his career shooting uncompromising images of outsider America including the release in 1969 of a book entitled The Destruction of Lower Manhattan where he captured the demolition of neighbourhoods and communities in the area as swathes of people were ‘moved’ to make way for developers.

There’s a ton of great images out there from the man – well worth checking out.


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