The Railway Hotel, Wealdstone 1964

A cracking piece of footage of The Who from 64 which is worth seeing as much for the shots of the audience as the band itself. See it here.

the who 1964_subbaculture


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  1. dick wyatt says:

    Looks like stills from a utube post. Used to go there when only 14 years of age! Had my first half pint of beer in the Pub above – was about 7 pence ( about 2.5p ) – hated the taste too! Remember a police raid – lights on – pills on the floor! There was a little cubby hole opposite the stage ( best place to sit ). My claim to fame is the top right hand picture, a girl is wearing a striped top which I also owned. It came from C&A and was green, black and white. This was a mod item in 63/64 teamed with raffia shoes and red socks and hipsters from usually carnaby street. A rough raw early mod look for the Casual. This was worn along with a ‘face’ look of mohair/tonic suits with usually a fred perry – red was very sharp. A lot of guys used to travel into Harrow from the west end and further to go to the Railway andwere very apparent by the clothed they wore.

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