And God Created Punk

subbaculture_GOD CREATED

Two thougts – one, i seem to remember there were plenty of books on punk issued in the mid 90’s – this book was released in 1996 – which i’m guessing was everything to do with 20 years since nostalgia, and two, the hit rate at car boots has pretty much fallen off a cliff in the last few years. This was a recent find worth the pocket shrapnel i parted with. It’s basically a run down of the main innovators, movers and shakers on the London punk scene. It’s okay. Sniffin Glue editor and Alternative TV frontman Mark P offers up a fine introduction, an eyewitness report from the period but best of all are the pages packed with Erica Echenburg’s black and white photographs from the time.

The band photographs reveal how awful some of the bands looked, it seems that there was little uniting the musicians on stage style-wise but there are a handful of shots of punk kids sporting their own versions on what would spread nationwide as the punk look. There the things i’m drawn too – kids with the nerve, suss and creativity to pull off new, bold style moves.  If you see this (like i did) for pennies its worth picking up.



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