Subbaculture Zine Sell Out

subbaculture_SELL OUT

Issue 1 of the Subbaculture zine is now sold out. Thanks to everyone who supported this venture, stuck their hands in their pockets and bought one and also thanks to the people who supported via posts on their blogs and sites (especially Mark Raison’s Monkey Picks site, Northern Monkey Bill Routledge and Gabriella’s Ballroom Blitz page). The final 10 copies will ship today.  People kept telling me people didnt care about hold-in-you-hands-zines anymore, I’m glad I didnt listen. Issue 2 to hit before the end of the year (proabably).

Cheers Mark

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  1. Nick Hopkins says:

    hello great site,good to catch up with things from my there anywhere at all i can purchace a fanzine.many thanks ,Nick.

    • sub says:

      Hi Nick – gladd you are enjoying the site – unfortunately we only printed up 100 copies of the zine but they have now all gone. I have just started work on issue 2 which i am hoping to get out before the end of the year.

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