i-D Magazine December 1990

Back in the day you may have been sneered at for buying ‘second hand’ but aside from the (often) shoddily sixties clobber put together by companies like The Cavern, you had no option but to track down the genuine article from charity shops, jumble sales and vintage clothing stores (tho’ these were few and far between at the time). Nowadays, ‘second-hand’ has been replaced by ‘vintage’, a much easier term to swallow. Leafing through a copy of i-D from December 1990, this article on Greg Fay Clothing Agency caught my eye – “Greg hooked into the Mod scene in the mid-80’s; disenchanted with th eppor quality available in Carnaby Street, which cut against the grain of the ‘original’ mod ethos, he found trouser quality at a price he could afford from bespoke tailors….his close attention to detail led him to scour shops and warehouses for old stock. Now he specialises in collecting original, unworn ’60’s clothing, which he picks up as dead stock from warehouses throughout Europe and America, and sells from the spare room in his parents house.”

id greg fay_subbaculture


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