i-D Style Bible 1987

First up apologies to Mark over at the excellent Monkey Picks blog – i was setting this up to post on and checked his page last week only to see he had just posted the pages on Mods. Either way, heres the mod, skin and rocker pages.

When Terry Jones launched i-D in 1980 he had been art director for Vogue but his new magazine was in many ways the antithesis of the world of high fashion. The first issues were essentially stapled up fanzines, typeset via a IBM golfball typewriter, with enlargments and design elements duplicated via his local copy shop. The reverberations of punks DIY attitude filled the pages as it successfully covered whatever style scenes were around –  from revival styles and scenes to emerging labels and looks from new designers.

The pages here are from the first ‘style bible’ they released. An extra, soft cover book format, that compiled the stuff they’d been reporting on in the monthly magazine. Released in 1987 it’s interesting to see how the main subculture groups from the previous 20 odd years were represented, specifically because these looks and styles still existed strongly on Britains streets. Whilst none of these styles have disappeared completely their grip on the imaginations and wardrobes of subsequent generations did wane during the nineties. Maybe the strict codes and tribal nature of individual scenes no longer appealed/applied to the times. After all when the original scenes featured here – rockers, mods, skinheads – were born each had reacted in its own way to what had gone before in a desire to create something new they could call their own. Yet through fashions recycling and re-introduction of elements of these original style tribes they continue to excite and inspire new generations. Inspire is the key word here, if all the aforementioned subcults had one thing in common it’s that it’s good to move things forwards.


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  1. Monkey says:

    Great minds! Had the book when it came out and really interesting reading it again to see how much has changed or stayed the same.

    • sub says:

      i’d kind of forgotten that in the early days of mags like id and the face that they featured all this stuff (the first issue of the face featured jerry dammers on the cover and i think weller was on there a few times as well). next time i’m at my parents i need to get in the loft and dig out a load of old issues to look through (that’s if they’re still there!)

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