Cavern Clothing Catalogue

Outside of trawling round Oxfam with fingers crossed most mod revivalists from the late seventies/early 80’s would have certainly been kitted out in something from The Cavern range.

carnaby cavern catalogue_subba

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  1. john says:

    brilliant days, magic.
    chisel toe bowling shoes,dogtooth and prince of wales sta press,short sleeved jam tour cycle shirt,dark grey or brown scooter jackets, wish it could be 83,84,85,and 86 again. the prisoners rule

  2. Julian smith says:

    Please bring back the shelleys chisel toe bowlers, and tbey did a great cycling shoe also

  3. Iain.Hereford says:

    Still have black/yellow cycling too and the chorduroy crombie like Weller wore on the Snap! cover.

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