In Gear – London Boutique Footage from The Rank Organisation

Sixties fashion followers and boutique fans should be checking out this. A brief film (part of series from the time) from The Rank Organisation from 1967 that takes a look into the world of the newly emerging boutique scene at the tail end of the swinging London. There’s some fine footage from inside some of the most well known fashion emporiums of the day including Granny Takes A Trip, I Was Lord Kitcheners Valet, John Stephens on Carnaby Street and a host other ‘fab’ retailers. Whilst these boutiques and the youth scenes they catered for marked a new period of retail excitement with designs and shops being run by young people the narration is typicaly old school BBC broadcaster, part sneer, part bemusement at a world he clearly has little knowledge of, but I guess thats the way it was. Either way this short film features some great looking footage.

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in gear 67 1_subbaculture


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  1. Peter Kirvan says:

    Working on a project about Pete Meaden.
    Looking for background facts and images.
    Appreciate any astance leads etc

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