Original Skinheads

A couple of great looking shots of original skinheads – i am not sure where these were sourced from but they do look like the type of thing that may have come from Gabriellas great 70’s style and music blog Ballroom Blitz. If i’m wrong, i’ll try and credit the correct source if I can find it. Either way great shots –

Check out the ballroom blitz site here

original skinheads_subbacultureoriginal skinhead couple_subbaculture


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  1. Hello!

    Hahaha first of all, thanks for the kinds words! Indeed, those pictures were shared on my Facebook page by Tony (second from right to left in the first picture and then in the second picture with the girl). They were taken in Barons Court in 1969. He also shared a couple of ones from 1968, they are the smartest skinheads I have ever seen! http://www.facebook.com/TheBallroomBlitz



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