The Face Movements 80-03

A couple of pages from a Face magazine giveaway. Saluting The Face’s coverage of street movements it features sections on New Romantics, grunge, skateboarding uk garage and a whole host of others. It is of course heavy on the fashion but here’s the best 2 sections on mod and casual.

mode revival 1970s

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  1. Nick says:

    Hi, love the blog. Particularly keen on knowing which issue of The Face this is from.



  2. sub says:

    hi nick – thanks for checking out the site. These pages are from a supplement called Movements 1980-2003 which was sponsored by Levis. Whilst theres no actual date on the thing it looks like it came with the July 03 issue. The other ‘movements’ featured include the cult with no name, hip hop, sportswear, buffalo, workwear, labelmania, rave, skate/snow, grunge, brit pop uk garage and tokyo. If you want any scans of these others give me a shout and i’ll happily sort them out for you.

    • Nick says:

      Thanks for getting back to me, it’s a great piece. I’ll be adding the July issue to my Ebay watch list. Any scans of the other ‘movements’ would be much appreciated.

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