All Nighters 68/69

This is a great set of pictures sourced from the internet, i think from the soul-source forum – hit up that excellent site here –  but i may be wrong (i’ve just checked and couldnt find them there).

I have read that they were taken at soul all nighters in Market Harborough and Northants around 68/69, either way there are some great looks on offer here, super smart but with enough variation as to avoid the ‘uniform’ syndrome that can plague all subcultures as they develop and the number of particpants increase. Often personal style is the first thing to go, with a standard ‘look’ developing that slowly erases the notion of an individual look and a lack of attention to detail. Also with the dates being given around 68/69 we’re entering the blurry waters of the mod/skinhead/suedehead transition, which as we all know by now is a potential minefield depending on who you speak to and where they were in the country at the time !

The debate continues (most frequently on the excellent Traditional Skinhead Forum which has now changed its name to Mod to Suedehead – check it out here). Either way, these are a fine record of smarter times – the girl in the first one here looks particularly fantastic.



Apologies for not noting the original source on these. I always try and namecheck photographers/owners or the sites these images are found on. As always if these are your pictures and you would rather they didnt appear please let me know at and i will happily remove them.

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  1. barry matthews says:

    The photos on the allnighters 68/69 are from The Wilby George pub. Wellingborough. 69..In a small village in Northants, was one of the biggest venues in the East Midlands.

    • sub says:

      thanks for the info barry – it looks lile a stack of my favourite pics i’ve found online are from that area/era. i understand there is a book about the soul scene in northants – i’m trying to check if it is still available, hopefully it is and i’m gonna order one.

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