Skinheads in the International Times

International Times (commonly known as IT) was an underground newspaper founded in 1966 by many of the leading figures from Londons counter culture scene. Concentrating on the music and activities on the hippy underground the paper, unsurprisingly, frequently came to the attention of the authorities with the police making frequent raids on the magazines offices in an attempt to shut it down. More surprising for a hippy rag in 1969 it featured a column dedicated to the burgeoning skinhead scene of the day. The pastime of ‘hippy bashing’ is one that frequently crops up in articles regarding skinheads of this period but for 6 issues IT was happy to feature the column Yell as a platform for skinheads to put forward there views on there scene, perceptions of this new cult as well as plenty of reviews on the latest reggae releases.

Here’s a bunch of images of the Yell pages.

International Times is archived online and they not only offer the actual page scans but also have a ‘text’ option so you can read the paper without the need for a magnifying glass

Hit up the IT archives here and enter the word ‘skinhead’ in the search box at the top of the page to sift through for the Yell/Skinhead columns in all their glory


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