The Face Magazine on Casuals

The Face was also responsible for one of the earliest mainstream pieces on the burgeoning casual movement with this piece from Kevin Sampson and Dave Rimmer reporting on the Liverpool and London scenes respectively (and thus starting the ongoing debate on where this new street style originated)


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  1. Face magazine says:

    Hya was wondering if anyone can help please? I was featured in an article of the face magazine archiving old pics of punks! It was taken in black an white byba photographer in kings rdband then oublished with other punk pics in an articke of the face i think about 1999 to 2000! Not exactly sure but iv lost it now with many moves! It was a black n white one and would love tobread the article again and see the pic! If anyone could help id really appreciate it manyvthanks

    • sub says:

      Hi sarah – I have just been digging out a load of old Face Magazines from my parents loft – i’ll take a look and let you know. Thanks for checking out the site – Mark

  2. Face magazine says:

    Hy thats brill thanx

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