The Face Issues 1 & 2

The late seventies and early eighties saw an explosion of interest and revivals in a whole load of subculture stuff. At school at the time it seemed everyone had latched on to some kind of specific look and its accompanying jukebox diet – reviving teen gang looks from across the previous couple of decades. Mods, 2 tone, skinheads, teddy boys, punks, rockabilly, rockers were all represented across the school yards and youth clubs of Britain. The debut issue of The Face magazine appeared in 1980, it’s very title a nod to the original mod scene and the idea of ‘the face’ as the best dressed, most progressive stylist around – and the early issues really bear this out. With a heavier music bias than in later years the first couple of issues included plenty of stuff on the musical subculturists of the day.

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