Skinhead Interview 1970

The newly updated Ballroom Blitz site has done it again with a reprint of a great interview from a 1970 issue of Valentine magazine. There’s nothing I like more than reading an interview where the journalist has finally cottoned on to something ‘new’ only to be  told that they’re too late and the whole scene’s set to change!

As soon as we met they informed me that this article was too late – that the old really close-cropped skinheads were a dying breed! “All the blokes are growing their hair a bit now”, Graham said. “The birds like it a bit longer…”

“The girls are all having that new cut with fluffy side-burns”, Lee told me. “My own’s just growing out… The original skinheads are growing older, that’s why things are changing.

Read the interview and check out the pics on ballroom Blitz here

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