East Anglia and the Birth of Hip Hop

A quick mention for one of our favourite websites Voices Of East Anglia. Whilst not strictly subculture related the collective behind it are visual crate diggers par excellence which basically means its a veritable feast for anyone interested in how the mid to late 2oth century looked.

When they’re not digging up insane looking clothing catalogue pages from the early seventies they’re pulling together sets of photographs from US college yearbooks, collections of portable record player ads, crazed stickers sets and incredible photographs of long forgotten music festivals that took place in the States decades ago.

There’s a ton of stuff to check out including some more insight in to Kool Herc, local DIY jams and their place in the creation of hip hop. They also recently posted on a long lost film about Britsh youth cults called ‘Steppin’ Out’. Filmed in 1979 by Lyndall Hobbs the piece covered the nascent new romantic scene and blitz kids but also featured a piece of the 79 mod revival. VOEA have been unable to track down any footage of this great sounding footage. If anyone knows any more let us know – it sounds fantastic.

We reccomend you check out Voices of East Anglia here

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Hit up the Steppin’ Out piece (and check out some fine 79 mod photographs) here

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