Gerry – Plymouth – 1968

Another great shot from Gerry’s archives. Shot on holiday in 68 down in Plymouth here he is in a fine looking italian leather bomber jacket and the essential Levi’s.

Gerry mentioned that he picked this gear up in Newcastle from a shop called Marcus Price. A quick search around the internet and we’ve learned that Marcus Price was THE only place for style obssesives to shop up there. Here’s some insight into the store from a blog called the Novocastrian:

In those days Marcus Price in Percy Street (there was also a branch in the Groat Market) was the place to get your gear. To look at the picture you would think it was some sort of evening-dress hire-shop for gents going to pre-war receptions in the Assembly Rooms, but the interior was very ‘Scandinavian’ and ‘open-plan’. I couldn’t understand the choice of shop sign for what was essentially a mod outfitters, however, unlike the many boutiques that sprung up across the country in the late 1960s, Marcus Price was actually a long-established local gents outfitters that had had ‘out-lets’ in Blyth and Whitley Bay as long ago as the 1930s.

There were at least two generations of Marcus Prices who kept the shop at the forefront of style throughout the post-war period. They catered for the Teds of the 50s before they went Mod in the 60s, and successfully bridged the transition from American ‘Ivy-League’ to ‘swinging London’ inspired styles. In particular MP was the place you went to get your Levi’s – the original denim jeans at first, and then the ‘Sta-Prest’ trousers we could get away with wearing at school.

The artist Stephen Buckley had a Saturday job there while Bryan Ferry, his flatmate from Eslington Terrace, was an occasional customer. “I couldn’t really afford things from Marcus Price – a shop for top-end Mod things. . . . The man who owned it was a great jazz aficionado and he was part of the jazz scene – a very cool scene. But Newcastle was a very cool town in some ways – a leading Mod town. And the very expensive Mod clothes came from Marcus.” Michael Bracewell Re-make/Re-Model: Becoming Roxy Music DaCapo Press 2008. Marcus Price ended up with a rather grand shop in Grey Street but seems to have closed down by the early 90s.


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