Subculture by Don Letts / Channel 4 Part 4

Part 4 of this series might just have been the most interesting yet. It covers the underground soul scene from the emergence of Northern Soul through to its counter part in the South, particularly Essex, where hordes of kids obsessed over the latest jazz funk releases and were  simply hell bent on partying. The great thing about both scenes is that they managed to remain ‘underground’, seemingly too ‘weird’ to crossover, or for the media at the time to be able to get their heads round it and work out how to sell it on to the masses. There’s some great Wigan Casino film along side some incredible footage of the Goldmine on Canvey Island, the centre of the southern soul scene. The place is going insane indeed it looks pretty insane; theres some pretty snappy dressers and gangs of kids all sporting the same outfit with the names of the crews on- a couple of shots reminded me of the Warriors film.

See it for a limited time online at Channel 4 OD here



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