Subculture by Don Letts on Channel 4

Street fashion legend Lloyd Johnson starts the second instalment of Don Letts Subculture series on Channel 4: “In the audience there were three guys who had short, well groomed, Tony Curtis haircuts, cut away collar and just a narrow tie, and I went up to one of these guys and said why are you dressed like this, and he was smoking a cigarette, he was probably a couple of years older than me – and he said “we’re modernists” and he turned his back on me, and i felt about two inches tall and walked away, said to one of my mates “they’re modernists, i’m gonna be a modernist”.

The second instalment, swiftly runs through the birth of the modernist/stylist scene and the familiar story of how kids from all over took a hold of it, simplified the look but cranked it right up in terms of exposure. There’s more great footage and words of wisdom again from Robert Elms, Paul Gorman, Jeff Dexter, Eddie Pillar and the aforementioned Johnson.

For a limited time catch episode 2 on 4OD here

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  1. Monkey says:

    Well done Don Letts. Pretty hard to imagine anyone coulda done a better job in just 12 minutes.

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