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There is currently an excellent 2 hour 6 mix show courtesy of BBC 6 music with Andy Weatherall interviewing Terry Farley. Farley recounts tales of heading from the suburbs onto the London club scene and reminisces on collecting reggae singles, hearing Northern Soul, shopping at Acme Attractions plus a whole load of other stories.

Weatherall versus Farley on 6Music available here for a limited time.

The standard on Eddie Pillars Modcast has slowly been creeping up and over recent months its been pretty consistent with some great guests like Duffer supremo Eddie Prendergast, top tailor Mark Powell and the very nice Norman Jay.

Check out the Modcast archives here

Top music blog Yr Heart Out has just issued a special guide to previous issues. Download this handy guide to all the issues released so far and work out which ones you missed out on (that’s all of them if you haven’t yet checked it out).

Yr Hear Out info here

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