True Original

A great shot that’s been mailed in by Gerry (cheers mate) of him looking pretty nifty back in 1968. I’m always amazed at how often these pictures look like they could have been taken today. The Fred Perry’s interesting – i’ve never seen one with the wide tipping on the collar and sleeves before.

Here’s Gerrys accompanying email:

“That pic of me from 1968 was me as a skinny 14yr old in Scotland with my parents.
I cannot remember what shoes I had one??I thought they may have been loafers but I didnt get my first pair until 1969.maybe brogues??
I took in my first away game at Upton Park Aug 1969 to see West Ham v Newcastle.What a sight….thousands of skinheads in the North Bank,Doc MartinsMonkey Boots, Ben Shermans, Jungle greens, Sta -Prest, cardigans……
Chelsea were the first smart fans I ever saw in 1968. Nearly all of them wearing Dark Blue Burberry macs!!Had the pleasure of meeting Danny Eccles and Co. from Chelsea in 1969 at Newcastle and remember that Man Alive footage being shot.
Can you believe in early 1969 they didnt sell Doc Martins in Newcastle and we had to go to London to get them!!!!!
great days indeed