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  1. The Maestro says:

    This picture is of two Derby mods, I think. The one on the right is Mick Shaw, the editor of the excellent Empty Hours modzine. I know this because I too, edited a modzine called The High Standard, when I was based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

  2. Mick Shaw says:

    Indeed the lad on the right was me editor of Empty Hours back in the day, the other chap was Gaz Poundall who started a zine called What’s Happening Today also from Derby….The memories have come flooding back and I remember meeting The Maestro at the Scarboro Rally….good times…

    • Hi Mick! It’s the Maestro here! Real name Stephen Peoples. I always thought your ‘zine was the best and fattest! You were ahead of us in so many things. I’ve been in Italy ten years now. Please get in touch at my name at! A classic line from you in my King Street flat: “I prefer instant!”

  3. Gary Poundall says:

    Wotcha Mick – its circa 1982 – pre a Notts Britannia sc, custom show at the sherwood rooms ….remember…KTF – Gaz!

  4. mick shaw says:

    Maestro / Gaz good to see you both alive and kicking….

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