Pre-Bronco/Everybody’s An Actor Shakespeare Said

Available on the recent BFI re-issue of Bronco Bullfrog is the initial film made by Barney Platts-Mills of a theatre workshop set up by Joan Littlewood in Londons east end.

It’s a fascinating view that, in conjunction with the film Bronco Bullfrog itself, shows the subtle shifts in style of working class, street fashion in London as the sixties were winding down. Filmed just a year before Bronco Bullfrog the fashions are just a little slimmer, the haircuts shorter and sharper (most telling is Del Quant who sports a much cleaner, more ‘mod’ haircut than in contrast to the longer, same length centre parted look in the main feature).

The short film is included on the BFI Flipside dual format release of Bronco Bullfrog – info here.

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