Shadows & Reflections 5

The first Modzine I bought was a copy of Shadows and Reflections after seeing it mentioned in an article on a(nother) mod revival in Sounds i think. That was issue 3, this is the only one i could find.

If you were involved in Shadows and Reflections and would like this post removed mail and we’ll take it down asap alternatively if you were involved in Shadows and Reflections and have other issues we can scan and feature it’s the same address.

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  1. Warren Shrimpton says:

    This fanzine was produced by Journalist Chris Hunt . Remember it well. Good Stuff.

  2. Monkey says:

    I remember that Sounds piece very well (“Mod ’84”, I think). Got me interested in looking at the wider/the-current mod scene rather than just from a 60s angle (I was a fourteen/fifteen year old purist!)

    • sub says:

      Exactly the same for me Mark – this was the first zine i mailed off for based on the article. prior to that i had bought a few zines form the Cavern shop in Oasis indoor market in Birmingham. I saw the article in a book recently (i dont have the original any more!) If i can remember which book i’l scan it in an post up here.

  3. shaun fairhead says:

    if anyone is interested , i have issues 1 , 2 and 3 with the Jetsets christmas 83 flexi record all in mint condition for sale , please email.

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