Your Heart Out 2

We’re gonna keep pushing this. Check out this excerpt from Your Heart Out 1:

“It’s funny how even in this day and age where everything under the sun is dragged through the wringer that the mod revival circa 1979 is still seen as a negative rather than positive thing. Indeed the very phrase mod revival is used in the pejorative sense, when it should be viewed in the same way as the folk revival of the early ‘60s. That is, as a revival of interest.

The last thing the mod revival could be called was an attempt at authentic recreation. That’s a given. Yet what is rarely understood is how it was not about channelling memory. Think of people like Jerry Dammers, Ian Curtis, Green Gartside, Julian Cope. They were using memory as a shaping force. Ska, Iggy, Robert Wyatt, the Seeds. They were also that bit older than most of the people who got into the mod thing.

There is no denying that a lot of interest in the mod thing was generated by Paul Weller and his private obsession. In particular, the montage on the inner sleeve of All Mod Cons set a lot of imaginations racing. But there was more. A reissue via the great Raw label of The Creation’s Making Time. Other things too.

But not a lot more. Those were very different times. Nostalgia and recycling wasn’t yet what it would be.”

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